Personal growth and conscious transformation play out in our lives in a cyclical pattern. If we embrace the challenge of fulfilling our true purpose and seek to heed our highest calling, this cycle can benefit us on our journey.

First we experience life. The experience can be good or bad, desired or detested. In the old folkstory, myth or legend, a central character is shaped by a fundamental experience. Often the catalyst is loss. Stripped of home, innocence, love, family, community, health or wealth, we are thrust to confront the mystery of life directly. Who we thought we were, and what we thought we knew are tested as we undertake the spiritual journey of becoming.
Experience is the ultimate teacher if we are willing to learn from it. To learn, we reflect upon that experience.

Reflection may take the form of gazing into a still pond. Or it may become a flurry of movement as we make life-changing decisions. Structured reflection involves meditation, time in nature, ceremony, therapy, dreaming, inquiry, gratitude, making art, writing, music, and other forms of creative expression.

Reflection is vital to our growth. It allows for deeper engagement with experience.
Through reflection we begin to make meaning. We gain greater understanding of our experience. Sometimes this creates the AHA!, an awakening, which brings us closer to our truth. Our story then changes. We have a new story to tell.

From meaning we move into action.

We learn to Embrace our past. We become Empowered to move forward. We Embody our new understanding. This creates new experiences. And the cycle of life, of mystery, of personal growth and conscious transformation, continues.

Through learning about cyclic change in the natural world, and embodying the cycle of change in ourselves, we become part of a larger movement. The goal is to restore balance and well-being in our own lives, in the places we make home, in our families and communities. Let this then ripple out into world.


  • Mentoring through Life Changes
  • Ceremonial Leadership
  • Guided experiences in nature
  • Creative Expression Workshops