Autumn Equinox Ceremony Preparation

Autumn Equinox Ceremony

September 21, 2014

 The Psycho-Spiritual-Emotional-Physical Meaning of Autumn Equinox

 In the perfect cycle of our Earth Mother there is a specific and ancient dance. As She circles around our Starfire, the Sun, She enacts her deep and ongoing relationship to the Life-Giver, the bringer of light, warmth and sacred transformational fire.

Mother Earth circles around in her beautiful way, bowing to the Sun, first with the North Pole then with the South Pole. Her Balance is NOT stasis. She does not and cannot remain still. She walks her walk or dances her dance in constant motion, movement is life, and it has a rhythm and a purpose.

Through her movement the seasons change. The amount of sunlight falling on us changes, the plants are given their cycle of growth and decay to correspond with the amount of sunshine and warmth. We, too, are given cycles of growth and decay. Time for action and time for reflection. Time to move outward and time to move inward.

Autumn Equinox is the point of equilibrium midway between the longest day (Summer Solstice) and the longest night (Winter Solstice). It marks the first day of fall. It marks the point in the circle of time in which we gather the fruits of the harvest, we gather the results of our labor since Spring Equinox. We reflect on where we are and from where we have come. We take a moment, a day, away from our busy lives to reflect with the intention to learn more about the Red Road we are walking, to learn from our lives, and from Nature.

This cycle is what we live inside. We live inside this ancient dance.

To honor the Solstices and Equinoxes is to bring into consciousness this cycle that affects everything around us, and everything within us, whether we are aware of it or not.

The physical and spiritual meaning of EQUINOX is BALANCE. It is the point in the cycle in which there is an exactly equal amount of LIGHT and DARK.

Balance is the key aspiration for us as we walk the Good Red Road.

What is the Good Red Road? We can discuss this for many hours.

In preparation for our Ceremony this Autumn Equinox, you will begin a practice of finding your Good Red Road, walking upon it daily, beginning to understand ever more clearly that each day is a Ceremony and that Walking itself is an act of Balance.

Directions for Gathering Stones

As soon as you begin to collect these small Stones, you have begun your Ceremony. Once the Equinox Ceremony is begun you must agree to the following guidelines:

  • No alcohol or other mind-altering substance should be ingested from the day you begin gathering your stones until after the Equinox Ceremony is complete.
  • Remember the Stone People are our most ancient relatives. The mineral world is the basis for life as we know it. They carry the deepest knowledge of life on Mother Earth. This is why we refer to them as Grandfather and Grandmother. These are terms of respect and acknowledge our kinship relationship to the Stone People of the Mineral World.
  • You must request each stone individually to join you, to serve your need at this time, the stone can say no. LISTEN. FEEL. Wait patiently for their response.
  • Do not lift the stone up if you have not heard or felt an agreement. Then if the stone agrees, and you lift it from its resting place, feel it in the palm of your hand. Feel gratitude for its willingness to serve you on your spiritual path, your Good Red Road. Hold it to your heart. Place some tobacco, kinnickinnic, or a strand of your hair in its place. You must RECIPROCATE. Without reciprocation, there is no Balance.
  • Keep your stones with you. If you have great feelings of fear, anger, frustration, impatience, judgment (includes judging yourself as well as judging others), greed, anxiety, dishonesty (you catch yourself saying something that is not true) place the Black stone or stones in your left hand and ask them to take these feelings from your heart and mind. Release these emotions into the Black stones.
  • Hold the White stones in both your hands to remind you of your essential ONENESS with all Life. Ask these grandparents to help you rekindle your deep truth. To engage compassion, forgiveness, patience, honesty. Do this daily from the first White stone you collect.

This Equinox preparation places you on the Path toward aligning with your Good Red Road. Your Red Road represents your highest truth, your alignment with the most genuine and deep aspects of yourself, and this Ceremony will help you fulfill your True Purpose.

Prepared for you by Ann Megisikwe Filemyr

August 25, 2014

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