Spring Renewal Ceremony

1. Living Within the Seasonal Cycle

We see in the natural cycles of seasonal change that there exists a constant process of change and transformation: sprouting, growing, blooming, wilting, seeding, greening, flourishing, fruiting, subsiding, advancing, receding, wetting, drying, conceiving, bearing, birthing, breathing, living, maturing, aging, dying, and dreaming. And yes, we are part of this, part of the dream of this, part of all that is. We are an expression of nature.

The abundant evidence is that life occurs in a vast, mysterious, changing, and on-going universe. And yes, we are part of this universe.

We are the children of starlight as evident by the chemical composition of our bodies. We are literally made of stardust, including nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen.

We carry the same materials in our flesh and bones as are in the soil itself, such as magnesium, calcium, lime, gold and silver. This is not simply poetic metaphor but literal fact.

How do we embody this understanding of ourselves as part of the enormous diversity of life in the ever-changing universe?

How do we live as part of nature?

In the lineage I carry, there are a number of ways to bring one into deeper awareness of our interconnected reality with nature and all that is. To pause and take the time to celebrate in ceremony the Winter & Summer Solstices, the Autumnal & Spring Equinoxes, to do this year in and year, to make it a regular part of one’s life practice, just as breathing is, this is one of these ways.

The Ceremonial Celebrations of the Four Quarter Days of the Solar Cycle help bring into greater focus the ongoing dialogue between self and life.

The purpose of these Ceremonies is to bring oneself and one’s life into greater alignment with All That IS. The intention for each participant is to touch Source Energy (however one might understand that) and renew one’s deepest relationships to Source of Life, Great Mystery, Great Spirit, Creator/Creatrix, God/Goddess, Diety, Self, Beloved, or by whatever name you know the Ultimate Being who exists within, around and between us.

2. Spring Renewal

The specific qualities of Spring Equinox embody preparation for a cycle of new growth.

The plants stir beneath the Earth, bulbs burst open sending tendrils toward the light. Bear rumbles and stirs in the hibernating cave of deep sleep, emerges to forage and feed the newborn cub. The ground softens with mud. The air shifts and Spring winds blow away the last of the autumn leaves.

On Equinox the sun is balanced in our sky. We experience exactly the same amount of sunlight as night dark. Throughout the flourishing of people here in the American Southwest when Chaco Canyon and related sites were at the height of activity, the Equinoxes were a time of profound celebration and observation. If we feel it in our bodies, we too, can experience the center of time, the still point, the moment of perfect solar balance. The architecture and petroglyphs in these ancient sites emphasizes this magical point of praxis. Unlike Stonehenge and other ancient sites in the British Isles that were created to honor the Summer or Winter Solstices, here where we live today, Autumn and Spring Equinox were considered the high holy days.

Our Ceremony will bring us into greater awareness and alignment of the profound opportunity available to us to re-experience balance in our own lives.

We will identify the old leaves still clinging to our branches and let them fall. We will also identify the growing tips in our own lives, those edges moving from the center of our being outward toward manifestation. What is awakening in us that will be able to grow toward the light? From the moment of Spring Equinox until we arrive at Summer Solstice, we will be experiencing a time of increase. Let us focus now. What do we seek to increase? Let us tend our inner gardens, choose freely what we will give our energy to now, and make room for this new growth.

Ann Megisikwe Filemyr

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