3 thoughts on “Riding the Butterfly

  1. Hi Ann…I had a wonderful visit today with Onde and your new many acres . Love the little house Onde and Alejo are fixing up. We had a lovely lunch sitting outside on your patio. Onde took me for a stroll around the outside. I am so happy that you two found this wonderful place among so many ancester trees and and deep arroyos. Its a very feminine landscape…up and down, around and around. xo alicia


  2. <td style="text-align: left; background-repeat: no-repeat;" align="left"; height="110" colspan="1" background="cid:top@fead620f81dd70cb25fa18415ba8fcde"Yeah!!!! Love your blogs. How are you enjoying your new home and sacred grove?Love you,Vijali Hamilton vijali@worldwheel.org http://www.worldwheel.org 202 492 4899 Vijali has dedicated her life as a peacemaker. She collaborates with diversified communities and utilizes her skills as a sculptor, filmmaker, poet, musician, and author to further this mission. Vijali started her World Wheel Project in 1986 circling the planet as she works with the arts in her quest for world peace.


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