Poetry Reading Live via Skype with Zagreb, Croatia

In my on-going relationship with the Croatian American Society located in Zagreb, I am please to be reading live and responding to questions with an audience of faculty and students from Zagreb via the wonders of Skype. This Thursday, 7 p.m. April 23 in Croatia and 11 a.m. in Santa Fe. Live from my office on the campus of Southwestern College. If you want to join me in my office, let me know!

Love Enough, Poetry Book by Ann Filemyr

Love Enough

Ann’s new book of Poetry explores the myriad possibilities for love in our utterly human lives with titles like, A Woman Falls in Love with a Turtle, A Child Falls in Love with a Storm, a Man Falls  in Love with a Fork, A Lynx Falls in Love with a Farmer. Poet Laureate of Maryland, Michael Glaser, writes, “These poems take the reader for a whirlwind of a ride through language brilliantly used and finely crafted. They invite us to better understand the transforming power of love even as we experience its tumult between danger and safety.” The final piece, Love Enough, shares the intimate memoir-poem of her multiracial lesbian love story. Glaser states, “The deeply moving last poem is without question the most amazing and important love poem I have ever read. Every word rings with its own truth, its own wisdom. This book is a must read!”


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